Signs of a Poorly Installed Window Tint

How to Know the Tint Is Installed Poorly

You can enjoy countless benefits by having your glass windows tinted. An expert professional will help ensure that you take advantage of all these benefits. But for people trying to save money, some end up cutting costs by hiring a low-rate individual. However, instead of saving, most people end up spending more on mistakes. That’s why working with a professional glass window tinting service is a must. Here are signs of a poorly installed window tint:

You notice peeling.

A newly installed tint film doesn’t normally peel within the first few weeks after installation. Professionally installed window tinting can last for many years if done correctly. If it peels after a week, it’s a surefire indication of subpar film and shoddy installation. By making sure to just work with seasoned and dependable professionals, you can avoid this.

There are bubbles.

If you’ve noticed bubbles between your tint film and the glass, don’t just ignore it. It can be an indication of poor workmanship. There shouldn’t be bubbles forming between your window and the film. Bubbles are a result of using poor-quality film and low-quality workmanship. You might have saved on the initial cost. But you’ll just likely end up spending more on rework. Hire a professional tinting company to ensure a job is done right the first time.

It has started to fade.

If your tint has begun to fade just a few days or weeks after installation, this is yet another indication of a badly performed window tinting job. That is why it is more easy and more practical to deal directly with a trustworthy specialist to get the most out of your investment.

To ensure the longevity of your window tint, you should only work with a professional local tinting company like Premier Glass & Tint. For people residing in Logan, UT or the nearby areas, call us now! For inquiries, dial (801) 637-9934!

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